Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have to admit that thus far my blogging attempts have been bringing me closer to tears of frustration than those of joy. I was all a-tingle with anticipation to get off to a strong start with a documentation of my dinner last night. My roommate and I whipped together a beautiful spread inspired by the charred corn tacos on smitten kitchen. I’d planned to cook something a little heartier (read bloody) for my first entry, but my roommate claims she’s going off the meat (again) and I thought I’d humor her attempt (vain though I intend to make it!). We played around with some recipes / our shared and undying love for all things citrusy, spicy, salty, and, you know, edible, and came out with black bean studded charred corn, a zesty tomatillo salsa, whole roasted scallions, and a radish and zucchini slaw…simple, fresh, delicious. Gordon would be so proud. We garnished with queso fresco and chopped cilantro for a really flavorful, if slightly sweet, vegetarian taco with a nice strong kick to it. And the scallions! Charred crispy goodness at one end and caramelized richness at the other in the most delightful way. All in all, a meal I’d have been happy to canonize in the hallowed digital files of eat and cry.
Alas, the amateur in me failed entirely to consider the horrors of food photography sans natural light. I’m hardly new to photography — I’m the child of a professional who gifted me with a love for the art at an early age — but I mostly work in black and white analog and I don’t get nearly enough practice with my digital SLR. I highly doubt that I’ll wind up posting any of my shots from last night…a quick glance at my kitchen photos below will give you a good sense of my available lighting. So here I am, discovering, at what seems a rather late point in the game, that food blogging is actually a day job. And, in my case, a day job that will involve transporting everything I cook into my bedroom in order to let it bask in the kind rays of sunlight.
All that to say that actual food and pictures are *hopefully* coming soon!

how my photo fail made me feel...

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